Our Graduate Data Analyst Tom is our latest interviewee/victim. Contrary to his job title, he does do more than crunch numbers!

Hi Tom – is it okay if I ask you a few questions, so our readers can get to know you a bit better?

Of course!

Perfect! First one: what did you study at University?

BSc Economics with a year in placement, which I spent at the Foreign Office.

What encouraged you to apply for this role?

During my time at University, I found that data wasn’t being used well, and I wanted to contribute to its optimisation. Additionally, I found the data industry appealing because it was more than just crunching numbers; it’s market research, data analysis and data optimisation. With working at Blackmilk Media, I can do all of the above, as well as work with the Creative team to execute effective campaigns.
Asides from the actual role, I found that meeting with the CEO and COO definitely helped – they were incredibly encouraging and their passion and attitude was infectious!

What have you learnt since working here?

I’ve learnt a lot since working at Blackmilk Media, but I’d have to say my knowledge on the online advertising industry takes the biscuit! I initially knew very little about the sector, so it’s been a real learning curve.
I’ve also had an insight into the Creative aspect of advertising, something I never thought I’d know too much about. This is because our distribution strategies are executed with Creative input, and the two departments work side-by-side to, as I mentioned before, create a campaign that is both relative and holistic.
Essentially, I’ve been able to build on the skills gained from my Economics degree, such as consumer behaviour and market research and contribute to my day-to-day tasks at the office.   

What does your day normally consist of?

Usually by checking active dashboards – if they’re working, if anything interesting has happened, etc etc. I’ll then move onto market research for clients. Here I work with our Copywriter to draw up an extensive document that will highlight important information for our clients to know. Again, my Economics background comes into play, as I am able to scan through journals and long texts quickly to extract the relevant information.
I’ll also be in regular conversation with the Creative team when necessary, letting them know of interesting findings during both my scour of the live dashboards and the market research so they can take my findings and use them to optimise their works.

What about the ad-tech realm are you excited for in the future?

I’m really interested in GDPR and its imminent arrival. With the regulation there will be greater accountability and transparency, which will no doubt help to dispel the mystery surrounding data. This, I think, can only be seen as a good thing as it will allow more people to engage with data, rather their own, and have further control over who has access to their information. I also think that GDPR will allow for data to be used in a more ethical manner as companies now have an entrenched code of conduct to follow, whereas before it was more abstract.

What’s a pit and peak of working at Blackmilk?

I’d say a pit is not really knowing the industry too well, especially at the start of my time at Blackmilk – it meant that I had to rely on others more than I would have liked.
A peak is the work environment. We have a really great open-plan space with a chill out area, the people are fantastic to work with and every day really is different with an endless amount of new things to learn (something I’ve learnt to like over time!)

Thanks for your time Tom! One last question: how would your friends describe you in three words?

Organised, sporty, and good fun!