Polly, our Senior Account Manager, is my latest interviewee. Having had nearly a decades’ worth of experience in various media agencies big and small, it’s safe to say that Polly is our resident expert on all things client-facing!

Hi Polly! How are you?

I’m wonderful thank you – and yourself?


I’m really good, thanks for asking! I’m going to ask you a few questions for the Blackmilk Media blog, is that okay?

Of course – fire away!


I will do! First things first, how did you end up in Account Management?

Well, I spent two years in Media Buying at an agency in Manchester, which was fun but I was always interested in the wider media landscape of the clients whom I worked with.
More specifically, I worked in affiliate marketing, which is mainly about relationship-building. It’s a lot about negotiation, and is obviously very client-focused! I wanted to marry the two together (media buying and a client-facing role) and Account Management embodied that for me.


What’s your favourite thing about the job?

For me, it’s learning about someone’s business and then working through their ideas and campaigns for their business. As I just mentioned, an Account Manager is very much a client-facing role, and essentially you are the bridge between the media buying team and the client, meaning that the relationship between myself and my clients are very close!
When you have achieved a collaboration between the buying team and the client (i.e: running a successful campaign with great results), it’s obviously fantastic for both the client and us and it does make you feel as if you are part of their team – which sells it to me!


And your least favourite?

The fast-paced nature of the job – which works for me because that’s how I operate! – can be quite stressful at times. As much as it’s brilliant that you’re the point of contact for the client, you are the FIRST point of contact for them, so if anything goes wrong then the buck stops here, with me, on my desk!


What made you want to join Blackmilk Media?  

I just wanted a change, if I’m honest! I’ve always worked in large-scale, global agencies, and Blackmilk Media offered a mentality that was fresh and different from what I had experienced, one where I can use all the knowledge I’ve gained from working in large agencies, apply said knowledge and see the change happen.
The collaborative and open nature of Blackmilk means that you get to see the change and growth of the company in its entirety, as opposed to only seeing what your department do day in and day out.


What are you most excited about for Blackmilk Media this year?

Definitely the plans to change the industry. I think we’ll do a fantastic job of that through our innovative approaches we have planned.


How would your friends describe you in three words?  

High-pitched, positive and fast-paced!