This weeks’ lucky interviewee is Ele, our Lead Creative Producer. Think of her as the executor of ideas, a maverick of making things happen…

Hi Ele, how are you doing today?

I’m very good thank you – how are you doing?

Very well thank you, is it okay if I ask a few questions?

Of course – go ahead!

Lovely, thanks! First question, it’s an easy one: How long have you been working at Blackmilk Media for?

Very easy indeed! I started in November 2017, so just a couple of months, but I’ve been working with some of the team here for about two years now, as we used to work at a previous agency together.

And encouraged you to join Blackmilk Media?

As I mentioned, some of the team and I were from another agency, which meant that we knew each other well and had a strong, working relationship.
The CEO and COO of Blackmilk Media were also from our previous agency, and their investment management background, along with their vision for the company and drive to see it come to life meant that it was the right and natural decision for me.

What does your day normally consist of?

I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but every day really is different! If there is a production occurring then I won’t be in the office as much, in that I’ll be out on set of course. Even in the run-up to being out of the office, I’ll be working on production-related matters such as budgeting, legal and administrative issues.
If we’re working on pitches, then I’ll be conducting research with our Copywriter and Art Director to create a vision to then show to the client. 
Essentially, no day is the same!

What are you most excited about for Blackmilk Media this year?

I’m really excited to see us rise through the ranks! We as a team that helped start up Blackmilk Media, along with those who have joined us recently, have so much potential and drive and so I’m looking forward to seeing the fruit of our hard work, passion and determination!

The diversity of our clients is really great, as it’ll be good to challenge ourselves with each project that we undertake, making great use of our skills whilst continuously learning new ones.
Our expansion plans are also really incredible – with our plans to open a number of offices across the globe in 2018, I look forward to saying that I work for a multinational advertising company that executes international campaigns!

As a connoisseur of video production, what is something that you predict will happen with regards to video marketing?

Well, according to a number of articles, 2018 is the year of the 5-second ads but if i’m honest, I don’t really believe in this trend as I hink it’s an excuse for people to put forth ideas that only engages a consumer, rather than inspiring them. I think 5-second ads downplays the imperative role that creativity plays in producing content. I’m firmly of the belief that people will watch a 2-minute video if the creativity and the vision comes through strongly enough!

What piqued your interest in this field/industry?

If I’m honest, I never envisioned working in the advertising field! In my old role I was initially part of the business development team, as that was where my interests lay at the time. However, I slowly became more and more interested in Operations, due to how fast-paced and constantly-changing it was. 
I was fortunate enough to then start undertaking more Operations-based work, thanks to the faith that my managers had in me, and now here I am!

Thanks very much for that! One last question – it’s a favourite of mine – how would your friends describe you in three words?

I’d definitely say bossy as I keep being told that! Another one would be funny and intraprendente (Italian, adjective: willing to try out new, unusual ways of doing or achieving something).