No business would be complete without a finance department, making sure all things fiscal-related runs smoothly. At the helm of this department is Aqib, so I sat him down to answer some questions about his role and love of numbers…


Hi Aqib – how are you doing today?

I’m wonderful thank you – how are you?


I’m very good thank you! Is it okay if I ask you a few questions about your job here at Blackmilk Media?

Sure – let’s begin!


Wonderful, first question: what does your job entail?

First things first, I’ll check my emails and reply to any that are outstanding. I’ll then take a look at the profit and loss statement for the day and update it accordingly, before making a to-do list and getting on with what I’ve listed! These will include organising salaries, invoices, forecasting for the month ahead and any expenditure etc. Essentially, my job is to keep everything up-to-date financially for the company.


And what got you into finance initially?

Quite simply, I always liked numbers growing up! It was either finance or Law, but my sister ended up studying Law, and it looked very intense!


If you weren’t in finance, what would you be doing?

Oh, definitely a professional footballer!


What would you say is the best and worst thing about working at Blackmilk Media?

I would say the best thing is the people, definitely. We are all from such different backgrounds and walks of life that it makes for engaging conversation and lively debates!
The worst would have to be the commute – I come from the other side of London so it can be a bit tiresome, especially if there are train delays!


What are you most excited about for Blackmilk this year?

I’m really looking forward to seeing the opening of our international offices – I’ve been at Blackmilk Media since its inception, so it will be very exciting to watch the company grow!


How would your friends describe you in three words?

Hmmm… Kind, opinionated and trustworthy.