An Indian Adventure


For the last two, nearly three, months, a number of the Blackmilk Media staff have been out to India. Some for weddings, some for business, most for both.
Their presence in the country can only mean one thing: Blackmilk Media have gone global, with our first international office in the fast-paced city of Mumbai!


Choosing the city of Mumbai was done so due to its status as the economic and talent hub of India, which our co-founder and COO Amay makes note of. He mentions the ‘incredible entrepreneurs and marketing moghuls across the country’, who have all shared their vision for the future of India, as well as the place they hope to hold within that future. One area of development that is of most interest is the emerging ad-tech sector. Amay says that the market in India is ‘quick to adapt to new technologies and embrace change, quickly adapting to ad-tech we use in Europe and hoping to leapfrog further’.


However, there are issues that ought to be addressed before headway can be made. Currently there is a common misconception amongst Indian marketers, who continuously mass-produce unoriginal digital content as it is cheaper. Additionally, they believe that frequency/quantity matters more than quality, but this is not the case. In Adobe’s India Advertising Report of 2017, it was found that respondents believed online ads would be improved if they were shown less frequently, something that marketers ought to take on board if India’s current emergence status is to improve. This is one of the goals of Amay and Blackmilk as a whole, to change what is expected from digital creatives and create a shift in the market that allows for creativity to be seen as a force in its own right.


In addition to the India-oriented goals, we aim to bring to the market our ethos of providing the utmost transparency, originality and analytics. These are unwavering objectives that we will adopt in every country and region we expand to. We want transparency to be something to expect, originality the norm and analytics ground-breaking.


Expansion plans are as yet unknown in the region, although Amay does not rule out the possibility. Our clients in New Delhi and Bangalore mean that the most important thing is that they are catered to and accommodated for, something that will be an interesting challenge in a country with such diversity.
India is summed up by Amay as being ‘overwhelming; overwhelmingly beautiful, sobering, loud, colourful, busy, indulgent and affectionate’.
We are extremely excited and grateful to be in a country as beautiful as India, just as they are on the cusp of an ad-tech revolution. We want to be the leaders of the emerging sector, and hope to pave the way and set an example for other international agencies.